Welcome To Mil Spec Oils & Lubes, Inc.

We carry multiple brands  of the most often required MIL-SPEC Lubes oils and grease to guarantee that we have  the MIL-SPEC  lubes, oils  and  greases  that you need - in stock - fresh -  ready to ship when you want them. We have been supplying the military and it’s suppliers for almost 30 years.

You can trust our expertise and knowledge to get you the right product on time- Fully qualified and fully documented. You can  use our products with absolute confidence that they are correct  and useable upon receipt. We carry an extensive and redundant  inventory ( multiple manufacturers of the same specs) of virtually all of these MIL SPec Lubes , oils and greases for your absolute  quality assurance.  Our high volume assures you of the lowest prices and quickest shipment.

We are fully committed to supply the  military and it's suppliers the best materials at the best prices with the quickest delivery. We have been the recipient of multiple defense department awards.

Call us and we will do everything we have promised. This is what we do and will continue to do for the next 30 years and beyond.

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