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We carry all types and sizes from most leading manufacturers – in stock.
Desiccants absorb and trap moisture to prevent rust and corrosion to keep your product perfectly dry. To be effective it is important to use the correct type and size desiccant.

Different substances, packaging methods and temperature ranges are all important when considering which type of desiccant and how much to use for proper protection.

Activated Clay, Silica Gel, and Molecular Sieve

Desiccants for industrial and pharmaceutical

Gram and unit size Desiccants in stock

Humidity indicator cards

MIL 3464 Desiccants

Tyvek/Kraft Bags

Trust our expertise to provide the right product.
Desiccant is available in bags sized from 1/8 gram to 5 lb each as well as in bulk.
1/6 unit to 80 unit always in stock per MIL-D-3464 for military and other important applications.

Whether you need dry clay type, silica gel, molecular sieve – indicating or – non-indicating, specialty or common , we carry it for immediate delivery from stock.
Special desiccants designed for ocean going containers, rail cars and other specific applications are also available. With over 25 years of experience we are a most reliable source to get you the right desiccant product for your application and at very low cost.

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