the Mil Specs Oils and Lubes company has 20 years of experience of providing quality products, and providing prompt delivery at the lowest prices. It’s no wonder why the most prominent defense contractors, Aerospace manufacturers and numerous Military installations all put their faith in the Mil Specs Oils and Lubes company. Isn’t time you did too!

MIL-PRF-131 (MIL-B-131) Film/Foil, Kraft/Foil, Tyvek /Foil, Scrim/Foil
MIL-PRF-117 (MIL-B-117) Bags Manufactured to specifications
MIL-PRF-121 (MIL-B-121) Poly coated Kraft Barrier Paper
MIL-P-130 Laminated Creped Kraft Paper
MIL-PRF-81705 (MIL-B-81705) ESD & Static Shielding
MIL-P 17667 pH Neutral Kraft Paper
MIL-PRF-121 (MIL-B-121) Wax coated Cloths
MIL-PRF-3420 (MIL-B-3420) VCI Papers
MIL-D-3464 Desiccants
V3C & W5c Corrugated

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